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Healing Touch (HT) is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. HT works with the energy field to support the natural ability to heal, is safe for all ages, HT is a standalone Energy therapy but also works in harmony with standard or allopathic medical care.

Healing Touch Western Australia Inc. (HTWA Inc.) Is offered through the national body the Australian Foundation for Healing Touch (AFHT) with Healing Beyond Borders, (HBB) Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch as the certifying body.

HT has been endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) since 1997. It was developed as a nursing continuing education program in 1989 by the AHNA Education Committee, based on founder Janet Mengen’s nursing study and practice with other healers, this rich Curriculum was brought to life by combining her work and influence of other leaders in the field of energy-based therapies.

The Australian Traditional Medical Society (ATMS) offers continuing education points (CEP) for Unit 1

Side Effects


  • To the present time there has been no recorded side effects from HT.  

  • Some patients may feel light headed following a HT treatment, this fact is taught in HT and incorporated in the closing sequence of a treatment.



  • The HT practitioner should familiarize themselves with any physical and medical problems of the patient and should adjust their treatments to those conditions.



  • To the present time research has not revealed any contraindications to HT.

  • Although the physical condition of the patient, such as pain or open wounds, may necessitate the practitioner to alter their treatment technique.

  • Practitioner and Volunteer Qualifications and Recommendations

  •  Healing Touch curriculum is a multilevel continuing education program, the core curriculum program incorporates a variety of energy-based methods that are energetically sequenced in five units of instruction, from beginning to advanced practitioner.

For independent practice there should be

  •   Units 4/ 5 Practitioner Certificate

as the Healing Touch curriculum is multi-levelled

  • Unit 3 Certificate to work with supervision of a Unit 4/ 5 Practitioner for a period of three months.

  • Units 1/ 2 Certificate to be mentored by Units 4/ 5 Practitioner.

  • Although a large majority of HT practitioners are from a medical background there is a proportion of practitioners that are from a non-medical background. These practitioners are provided with additional support and mentoring.  

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance is recommended.

Environmental Considerations for Effective Therapy

  • HT does not require the use of equipment or substances, it can be done in any setting, but a quiet ambient room  

  • a comfortable bed or chair with a step stool for patient safety is desirable 

not essential but desirable 

  • the capacity to provide relaxing music and a stool for practitioner comfort are the only requirement for an effective HT treatment.

Management and Reporting of Adverse Reactions  

  • To the present time there is no recorded adverse reactions to HT treatment, but the HT practitioner should cease the treatment, report and document the reaction.

Occupational Safety and Health Indications  

  • care should be taken with getting on and off the bed/ chair, using a step stool where possible  

  • patient comfort should be maintained, the use of a bolster under the knees and blanket to cover if required by patient  

  • practitioners should be aware of their personal safety and comfort, the washing of hands following a treatment.



  • The practitioner will assist in the maximization of the healing capabilities of patients. 

  • The practitioner uses different energetic techniques designed to promote, maintain and restore healing  

  • The practitioner should be able to evaluate the effect of those techniques before, during and after the treatment.  

  • All HT practitioners should adhere to the HT Code of Ethics and Statement of Scope of practice.  

  • All treatments should be as a result of a referral and adequately documented.



  • Practitioners should practice under the following conditions

  • Practitioners should have completed an accredited HT course to a level of accepted competence, student practitioners should be mentored with an accredited practitioner

  • The treatment should be as the result of a referral

  • Any treatment should be complimentary to existing medical treatment, if this treatment is in a ward situation practitioner should abide by the existing policies and procedures of that ward.

  • Any treatment should be documented in the medical history.

  • The HT practitioner integrates their HT knowledge with their personal and professional background.



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