Would highly recommend

In September 2011, I suffered the double misfortune of breaking both of my wrists in an accident at work, then five days later, losing a member of my immediate family. Conventional medicine in the guise of a wonderful surgeon, and intensive physiotherapy, are gradually resolving my physical trauma. However, the everyday practicalities involved in dealing with my condition has meant that my emotional and spiritual recovery has been necessarily delayed.  I was initially introduced to Healing Touch through a friend who worked in the nursing profession for her entire working life, and has now transferred her knowledge and  skills to this area. I chose Healing Touch to assist my recovery because healthwise, I prefer to use holistic methods whenever possible, and I find the HT techniques to be gentle, effective, and non invasive. These treatments target the underlying source(s) of unwellness, and as such I have derived great benefit from them. My treatment both physical, and holistic are currently ongoing. I would highly recommend this modality to anyone and everyone


Thank you

I have had several session of healing touch over recent months.  My Healing Touch Practitioner correctly identified an area of tenderness in my abdomen saying that she felt there was considerable congestion in that area.  After my session was completed, I felt a general sense of well being and a lessening of the symptoms I had been experiencing. I would certainly recommend a Healing Touch session to any of my friends or acquaintances. Thank you.


After a recent bereavement

After a recent bereavement and feeling at a particularly low ebb, I sought the advice of a Healing Touch Practitioner with the hope that she might be able to help me with some of the symptoms of grief I had been experiencing – such as sleeplessness and a lack of concentration. To my relief, I found that after a Healing Touch session, I felt more calm and peaceful and was able to think more objectively. I am so grateful for the help I received.